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Stores & Warehouses Licensing

This type of license is issued by CAPA general department of licensing after decisions made by specific reviewing and inspection committee that confirm health requirements.

Stores Licensing

1- objective: Develop a system to license drugstores.
* Workflow for licensing of drugstore (for local drug distribution)

2 - Field of application:
2-1 From: Send the store file by the Directorate according to its geographical
distribution after satisfies the health requirements and complete documentations according to the rules and regulations on the stores.
To: Receive the license.

2-2 In the case of any change in the store will be through the pharmaceutical administration which the store follows as it is common practice in the pharmaceutical institutions of the Directorate on the amendment to be sent to the Central Administration of Pharmaceutical Affairs - General Directorate of pharmaceutical licensing to release the license with the new edition.

  Workflow for Drug Store Licensing
  Documents Required for Licensing the Drug Store
  Minister Decree 25/2009
  Minister Decree 110/2010
  Minister Decree 380/2009
  Minister Decree 198/2011

Warehouses Licensing

1- objective: Develop a system to license mediators' warehouses.
2- Field of application:
• From: starting from submitting mediators' warehouses license application.
• To: finalizing and delivering of mediators' warehouses license (max one year).

This is clarified by the following:

  Workflow for licensing agent and distributor's warehouse.
  Workflow for ownership transfer of a warehouse license.
  Requirements for ownership transfer of a warehouse license.
  Requirement to change the name of license owner in warehouse license.