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Issuing Export & Price certificates

  Certificates of Pharmaceutical products (CPP), Free Sale and Statement of Licensing Status of Pharmaceutical products (SLSPP) of:
     Human Drugs, Dietary supplement and Veterinary Drugs
  Free Sale of:
     Medical Devices, Cosmetic Products, Insecticides 
  Exporting pricing certificates of Human drugs and Dietary Supplement. 

  CPP or FSC for Human Drugs with Tentative Approval Number
  CPP or FSC for Human Drugs, Veterinary Drugs, Dietary Supplements, Cosmetic Products or Insecticidal Products
  FSC for Medical Device(s) (Sterile, Registered Products)
  SLSPP (For more than one product) for Human Drugs, Veterinary Drugs, Dietary Supplements or Cosmetic Products
  Exporting Pricing Certificates of Human Drugs or Dietary Supplement