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Local Cosmetics & Insecticide Inspection


To be sure that each local cosmetic & Insecticide product reach the consumer with high efficacy quality and safety & Inspect the local cosmetic factories to ensure their compliance with GMP requirments .


Inspection of all local cosmetic factories according to current GMP guidelines (The Ministerial Decree 498/2012 which states that cosmetic factories inspection should be according to ISO22716 is still under implementation )

First: Cosmetic factories:

Withdrawing samples from raw materials and finished cosmetic products to be analyzed at NODCAR (National Organization of Drug Control and Research).
Withdrawing samples from the first three batches of each new cosmetic product to be analyzed at NODCAR to ensure safety and quality of the product according to registration license.
Check the validation of production process by the regular inspection to the local cosmetic factories.
Reviewing factory documentation as batch production record of each product, warehouses documents and lab documents.
Making complete inspection report annually ( pre audit ) on each factory according to annual plan till implementation of minister decree 498.
Member in licensing committee for approving of new factories according to GMP.

Second : Insecticide warehouses:

We get samples( RAW MATERIAL 100% ) & ( FINISHED PRODUCT RANDOMLY ) from the store of insecticide factories according to instruction of scientific committee of subcommittee for biocides and their raw material imported to send to NODCAR.

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