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Researches and Training


To Increase the qualification of all employees & as result the performance of all departments in all Pharmaceutical Regulatory Fields.


    1. To organize the needed Training Program by the employees of the CAPA & all the authorized pharmacists in the Governorates to improve the performance of the pharmaceutical regulatory authority.
     2. Create & Update the employees DATA base to prepare list of our experts & collect the training needs of different department to be included in the annual training plan

Strategic Objective

    1. Arrange for orientation programs & training programs to be provided to employees at different services level to develop relevant skills of human resources factor of the organization.
     2. Maintaining a highly motivated staff, who are highly affiliated to CAPA & pursue continuous improvement & innovation.
     3. Using of the most recent techniques in training & development methodology of CAPA employees as SWOT analysis.
     4. Develop our employees & invest in them to be expertise in CAPA and trainers for new comers.
     5. Keep records for every training or workshop taken by one of our employees to use his/her knowledge in CAPA improvement.
     6. All training activities whether internally or with the industry are to be governed by code of ethics circulated internally & externally.
     7. Fully studying current industry / regulatory issues & formulating timed training objectives, those are supposed to lead in phases to actualizing of CAPA vision & mission.


All MOHP pharmacists


MOHP Plan:
  CTD (MOHP program) (Preparation Phase)
  Development of leadership skills (preparation Phase)
  GMP (Preparation Phase)
  GMP for biologicals (Preparation Phase)
  GSP - December 2012 - (Done)
  Pharmacovigilance (MOHP program) (Ongoing)
  Qualifying of new pharmacist in CAPA - December 2012- (Done) 

WHO Plan:
  Pharmacovigilance (WHO program) (Done )

Additional training:
  CTD Training Agenda - September 2012 (Done)
  Radio - Isotope - March 2013 (Done)