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Pharmacoeconomic Unit

Pharmacoeconomic Unit fosters advancement in the understanding of costs and outcomes of pharmaceutical products, pharmacy services, and medication use policy. 


Provide technical & scientific guidance of the value of drugs in delivering expected outcomes to decision makers, health professionals and the public. 


  Evaluate economic studies of both new and existing pharmaceutical products & ensuring best outcome for the patient by adhering the Egyptian
  Conduct economic studies for drugs selected in Tender List, Essential Medicine List and Hospital Formulary. 
  Study the use of pharmaceuticals in the population in order to support the cost-effective and rational use of drugs. 
  Provide education and training programs to build capacities and facilitate advancement in understanding the clinical, humanistic, and econonomic
    impact of pharmaceutical products on the health policies. 

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 Egyptian Pharmacoeconomic guidelines 
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 PEU report 2013-2015