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Drugs For Human Use

Any medicine should be registered at the Ministry of Health and given MOH Registration Number before it can be traded or given to people. CAPA is responsible for the re any medicines before it is traded in the Egyptian market. CAPA registration process starts by receiving Registration Submission Request via E-Mail as described in the following guidelines:

Guidelines for Submission of Registration Request

- Applicant sends an appointment request to
- CAPA will send back an email to inform the applicant with the date and time for application submission within 3 working days.
- Maximum number of applications that could be submitted by one company (local manufacturer) is four applications per month at four different meetings. Import and toll companies could submit only two applications per month at two different meetings. Exception to this constraint is requests to register different concentrations of the same dosage form (each in a separated application). In this case, they might be submitted at the same meeting.
- CAPA will receive a maximum 10 applications per day (application/company), four days per week (no submission meetings on Thursday)
- The application may be refused for reasons other than "the box is closed at the present time".
- If the company representative was late 15 minute after the pre -determined appointment, the meeting will be cancelled and the company have to ask for another appointment.
- Accepting the application doesn’t guarantee a market authorization, only when the company receives the final authorization.
- Application file might be rejected at any stage and the reason of rejection will be given to the applicant.
- Make sure that your Company Profile (submitted once) had been received by CAPA before submitting the application

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