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Clinical Pharmacy Fellowship

Undergraduate studies of most Egyptian faculties of pharmacy don’t provide hospitals with qualified pharmacists for practicing clinical pharmacy.

While most postgraduate studies in clinical pharmacy are focused mainly on clinical research rather than on clinical practice.

Therefore we came up with the idea of clinical pharmacy as a new specialty of Egyptian fellowship.

The Clinical Pharmacy Fellowship:

1- Is Managed by: Hospital pharmacy administration in collaboration with high commission for medical specialties (HCMS)
2- Trainees: Must have a previous experience in hospital pharmacy as an enrollment requirement. 
3- Study program:
   - 2 years full time (80% practical part & 20% theoretical part)
   - Study places: teaching hospitals
   - Trainers: Both physicians and clinical pharmacists
   - Syllabus and exams: provided by UCC (University College Cork) in Ireland

4- Fellowship program Benefits

The fellowship graduate certified from UCC which will enforce the pharmacists role as an active member of a cohesive healthcare team and can allow them to share in pharmacy education in faculties as teachers practitioners.

For further information regarding applying for fellowship, please follow up for more information on our website.