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Clinical Pharmacy Workshop pharmaKAMpus

The Hospital Pharmacy administration at CAPA (Central Administration of Pharmaceutical Affairs) Ministry of Health is proud to sponsor the first clinical pharmacy workshop of its kind. This workshop is considered as a unique learning opportunity for hospital pharmacists interested in devoting their efforts and capabilities to develop clinical pharmacy skills. This workshop is entitled: 

pharmaKAMpus (A New Era For Hospital Pharmacists)

To begin with, the training will be conducted over 6 sessions, one session monthly. The total number of trainees is 80 pharmacists selected from different ministry hospital sectors. 

Moreover, the sessions will be based upon not only a theoretical part, but there will also be emphasis on the interactive and self learning parts with the clinical pharmacists, which will help motivate them to be truly engaged in the workshop.

Trainees will receive an MOH certificate pending their successful completion of the course.

In addition, the top participants will be rewarded very special prizes sponsored by Novartis.

The combination of capable speakers, sponsorship from the ministry as well as active participation from trainees 
is all the main elements of our success.

  Application form for the clinical pharmacy workshop pharmaKAMpus (A New Era For Hospital Pharmacists) 

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