Egyptian Drug Authority


PharmaKAMpus (A new era for hospital pharmacists)

- The deadline for sending the application 30/1/2010

- For any problems or questions please contact us at:

Personal Information

Full Name:
Date of birth:
Email address:
(the most frequently used)

Employment information
1- Current Work Place

Name of hospital:
Type of pharmacy:
(in or out patient- general or in certain specialty)
Does your hospital have clinical pharmacy activities
How it is implemented in your unit and in other units in the hospital?
Do you attend bed rounds?
If yes how frequent?

2- Previous Work Experiences
  Name of institution How many years of experience Type of work Any notes
Educational information
1- Bachelor Degree
University :
Year of graduation :
General grade :
2- Postgraduate Studies
Mention any diplomas, masters, phD or other studies either completed or still enrolled in.
Degree Year (if completed) Topic University
Training and Activities
Mention any courses, conferences or workshops you have attended related to clinical pharmacy (specify details of the course (if possible): date, title, lecturers)
Mention any training courses (other than clinical)  you have attended
English and Computer Skills
Microsoft Word  
Microsoft PowerPoint
Why are you interested to share in this workshop?
In your opinion
What does clinical pharmacy mean?
What is the value of applying clinical pharmacy on patients quality of care and on your job satisfaction?
What are the main problems facing implementation of clinical pharmacy in Egypt?
What suggestions do you have could help improve this career in Egypt?